Friday, November 23, 2012

Street Fighter Cammy Cosplay - Alisa Farrington

Welcome to the brand new Video Game Cosplay blog! On this blog we will feature some of the best (and worst) video game cosplay pictures that we have been able to find. Today we start off our first post with the best of the best. These amazing cosplay pictures come from the great Alisa Farrington, who goes by the screen name AlisaKiss. In probably her most famous cosplay set, Alisa shows us her best Cammy White costume from the Street Fighter franchise.

You may recognize the image above as being the one that Alisa is most "internet famous" for. However, as we found out, that image has been photoshopped. Someone enhanced the original photo to add in Cammy's leg camo paint, lengthen the braid in her hair and enhance her chest a bit. Below is the original image without the enhancements.

These cosplay pictures are probably so popular, because they provide a glimpse into Alisa's home life. We see her on her bed in her costume, relaxing and getting ready to head out to a convention.

With her camo leg paint on, Cammy is ready to hit the convention and mingle with sweaty comic book and video game nerds.

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