Monday, December 17, 2012

Street Fighter Cammy - Ikuy

Today, we have some more cosplay pictures of Cammy from the Street Fighter series. We've noticed that Cammy appears to be pretty popular with the cosplay community, at least from what we've observed over the internet. We've done a bit of research to find more Cammy cosplay pictures and we present these images below of a Cammy cosplayer who goes by the name Ikuy.

Ikuy flexes some muscle and shows off her strong Cammy costume.

An animated GIF of Cammy Cosplayer Ikuy

Ikuy, as Cammy, makes sure the retaining wall is secure.

Cammy's winning pose... we all win with great cosplay pictures like these.

Cammy does her best "Dat Ass" impression. (I'm pretty sure the glasses are photoshopped)

Cammy poses for her fans while waiting in line at the convention.

Thumbs up for great cosplay.

Ikuy poses one last time before leaving the convention.


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