Thursday, December 20, 2012

Elexis Sinclair - Bianca Beauchamp Cosplay

After seeing the pictures of Bianca Beauchamp cosplaying as Tomb Rubber Lara Croft, we took a look back at our previous post of Bianca as Elexis Sinclaire from SiN Episodes, and wondered perhaps if we could find more great images of Bianca Beauchamp. Our previous post had Bianca in a latex bikini posing as Ms. Sinclaire from one of the levels of the SiN Episodes game. For today's post we were able to find a few more images of the latex queen, Bianca, posing as the evil corporate exec, Elexis, in a slightly more suitable business attire... although I don't know many executives that would wear full body latex to a business meeting.
Elexis is ready to crack the whip and earn some cash.
Alexis Sinclaire from Sin [1]

Elexis drops her glasses to get a better look.
Alexis Sinclaire from Sin [2]

Elexis stands poised to lead her company into the new millennium.
Alexis Sinclaire from Sin [3]

Being the CEO of a multinational corporation, I'm sure Elexis has had her back against the wall many times dealing with other businesses.

Bianca poses with fellow model Cindy Synnett as Jessica Cannon from the SiN game.

Bianca portrayed Elexis at a number of video game related conventions. Here she poses with her deadly syringe for some fans at one such convention.

Watch out for the green stuff in the needle, you wouldn't want to get poked by that.
Bianca Beauchamp #1

A daring lick of the needle
Bianca Beauchamp #2

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