Friday, November 30, 2012

Soul Calibur Ivy Cosplay

We found a few of these cosplay pictures on Flickr from a user by the name of BelleChere doing a great cosplay of Ivy from Soul Calibur. We enjoyed the images so much that we decided we would share them here with you all in one place. Check out the Ivy cosplay images and even more cosplay images at BelleChere's Flickr page.

Ivy with her whip sword thingy shows off her deadly skills.

BelleChere's convention credentials proves Ivy is allowed to be here.

BelleChere poses around a convention in her well constructed Ivy costume.

BelleChere attends another convention in her Ivy costume.
Ivy Again!

Ivy takes to the garden to try her hand at pruning the plants.
Ivy Valentine - Side

A couple of professional images of BelleChere in her Ivy costume

Ivy Valentine

BelleChere does her best impression of Ivy's cold dark stare.
Ivy Valentine

Ivy poses with her weapon
Ivy Valentine

Another shot of Ivy at a convention. If you stare long enough, you'll notice the Lego head in the window behind her... and then that is all you'll be able to see.
Ivy Valentine

In an updated costume, Ivy shows of a slightly different shade of purple at a different convention.
Ivy Valentine - DragonCon 2011

Another attempt a the stone cold stare against the stone wall
Ivy Valentine

Ivy's updated costume proves to be a bit more cheeky than its predecessor.
Ivy Valentine

Here is a completely redesigned Ivy costume, possibly patterned after Soul Calibur 5.
Ivy Valentine - Soul Calibur V

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