Monday, December 10, 2012

Street Fighter Cammy - Precious

We've noticed that you like the Cammy cosplay pictures. Well now we have another great Cammy cosplayer with another great selection of pictures for you to enjoy today. Today's cosplayer is Crystal Graziano who sometimes goes by the name of Precious. You can check out more of her costumes here (Blogger) and here (Deviant Art) and here (website) and here ( Precious wore this Cammy costume at the FanimeCon in San Jose in 2010. Good thing there were a lot of people around to take pictures.

Cammy poses outside by the fountains where people can cool themselves.

Crystal is ready to do battle

The famous Cammy victory pose .


In her fighting stance, Cammy prepares to kick some opponent's butt

Posing by the Capcom sign, Cammy shows off her skills.

More peace and love from Precious.

Below are a few pictures of Precious and her Cammy costume from her Flickr page.







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