Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sin - Elexis Sinclair - Bianca Beauchamp

This post features some great pictures of model Bianca Beauchamp in costume as Elexis Sinclaire from Sin Episodes Emergence. Check out the first picture below for a direct model to in game character comparison of Bianca to Elexis. And check out the other pictures for more bikini power suit action of Bianca as Elexis.

Elexis is a hard core business executive in a cut throat business world. Bianca shows just how tough Elexis is with her horsewhip and latex bikini.

Elexis didn't get to the be CEO of a bioengineering company just by her looks. She also has brains (and it helped that her dad formed the company and then mysteriously disappeared.)

Elexis is ready to "bust out" of the business world.

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